Five Fabulous Hair Masks

To keep your hair looking as fabulous as possible you need to find a hair mask that works for your hair. A product that is made for a different hair type will not do you any favours!

We always recommend using a higher quality mask, as they work at a deeper level than high street brands by repairing and protecting the hair, rather than just masking the problem!

Here are five of our favourite hair masks we sell in the salon:

For a healthy scalp
Philip Kingsley Stimulating Scalp Mask
This mask is great for anyone with fine and thinning hair as it stimulates and energises the scalp, which can help with hair growth. A healthy scalp is important if you want to have healthy hair!


Damaged and dehydrated hair
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

A pre-shampoo treatment that increases elasticity, bounce and shine. It helps to reduce breakage and restores strength as it delivers a rush of moisture into the hairs cuticle. It also provides UV protection which helps to prolong the life of colour treated hair. This mask is perfect for both thick and fine sensitised hair.


Colour treated hair
Kerastase Chroma Captive Shine Intensifying Masque

Nourishes and moisturises, while also preserving colour depth and shine. It is wonderful for those with medium to thick, sensitised coloured hair. If used alongside the other products in this range, your hair will feel silky and have a mirror-like shine – the shampoo is particularly good at removing dulling residues.

Treatment for all hair types
Kerastase Elixir Ultime Masque

We highly recommend this mask if you want lightweight nourishment and shine. It is enriched with a high concentration of precious oils, moisturising serum and lipidic compounds that deliver soft, silky hair without the heavy feeling you get from some treatments.


Dry hair
Nashi Argan Deep Infusion

Nourishes and restores in minutes! Using this once a week in place of your usual conditioner will give you soft and easy to manage hair that is hydrated without being weighed down. This mask is best for those with dry hair that needs deep nourishment.


Have you tried any of these hair masks? If so, let us know what you think of them.

The Visage Team



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